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Chimo Air Service flies to many different destinations in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario.

Soar through the clear blue skies and experience the wonder and majesty of all that the Canadian wilderness has to offer! View the expansive forest dotted with the shimmering blue water of Ontario's freshwater lakes!

Enjoy the view while you travel onward to your fishing or camping destination, or enjoy a soothing sightseeing flight topped with a delicious supper!

Sightseeing & Supper Flights

$199.00 per seat.

View the spectacular natural wonders of the area with a view you just can't get on the ground! Then, end your flight with a delicious dinner. Contact us for more information!

Half an hour dock-to-dock; minimum 2 passengers for the Cessna 180, maximum 3. Norseman 4 passenger minimum, 6 passenger maximum. Otter 6 person minimum, 8 person maximum.

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